6 Week Business Launch Intensive


The Business Launch Intensive is for entrepreneurs that need help with taking their  business ideas and developing an action plan to create a profitable, purpose driven e-commerce business. This program is designed to help aspiring entrepreneurs leap out of the idea phase or break through a plateau. It’s designed to help you identify your why, find your ideal audience, create the right product, do more with your time, and tackle procrastination and fear.

During our 1:1 time together, we will create a blueprint that will allow you to finally take that business idea to the next level.

This is for you:
● If you are having a hard time LEAPING from the idea phase.
● If you are having a hard time figuring out who your niche is and who your ideal audience is.
● If you are tired of allowing fear, procrastination, and lack of time get in your way of executing.
● If you have problems with being strategic with your time.
● If you have problems with properly pricing your products to create a sustainable lifestyle.
● If you have a desire to learn how to create, make, and sell journals, planners, and t-shirts to create a business or enhance a current business
● If you are ready to tackle marketing at it’s best by placing your products in front of the right people, in the right place, with the right price.
● If you are tired of hit and miss sales and ready to experience the feeling of making
consistent monthly sales

By the end:

● You will know exactly what to do to hit your monthly revenue goal month after month
● You will have a step by step framework to launch a product that your ideal audience craves
● You will know exactly what to do to leverage a 24 hour day even if you don’t have a team
● You will be able to develop marketing strategies to ensure that you are placing your product in front of your ideal audience
● You will be able to launch and price your first product and begin making sales

What will you receive:

● (3) Bi-weekly 1 hour Strategy 1:1 sessions
● Real Time Feedback and Questions Answered
● Workbook, templates, and additional resources to help with business growth

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