Are you ready to start a profitable online business selling or offering a popular product or service, even if everyone else is doing the same thing?

Are you ready to eliminate the fear and procrastination of starting and growing your business and walk confidently in your purpose?

Are you ready to unlock your full potential, maximize your God given talents and abilities to gain profits?

Ummm…I’m sure you answered “yes” but may have lots of reservations about getting started or getting unstuck.

Here's the spill

I know you desire that boss lady life … the one where you are getting a chance to spend more time with your family, create a sustainable income from your business, transition from a hobby to boss by starting and growing your business, and not to mention, creating generational wealth! I get it! I feel you!

Not to mention, you have a story, product or service that you know other people need and desire! You want to be able to influence and inspire those individuals with your products and services. I get it! I feel you!

Sis, I have great news!

Everything you want you can have. That is, when you begin implementing the strategies I share inside of this amazing new program. You can have a profitable, purpose driven business. You can turn your purpose and passion into profits.

I contemplated on launching this program, but I realized that so many people are dealing with the same thing. The same problem with chasing the “catchy money myths”, wasting time and money, taking detours instead of being committed to the growth of their businesses, and experiencing a gap between where they are and where they want to be. Basically buying “band-aids” when “surgery” is needed. STUCK!!!!

After doing this for 3 years... I learned that:

  • I didn’t need a lot of followers or huge email list to start and grow my business
  •  I didn’t need to be an entrepreneur for 10 years or have a marketing, business degree to start and grow my business
  •  I didn’t need everything figured out to start and grow my business

BUT I needed to tap into my potential and figure out what problem I am THE BEST at solving and line that up with the problems that my ideal audience have and strive to make my brand worthy of attention by sharing my value and story with my ideal audience so they can see the passion behind why I do what I do. Once I began to tap into my potential and create offers and products that are solving problems and attach my story and passion to it — I began getting coins.

Is that you? OK GREAT!

That’s why I created the Purpose+Passion= Profits Mastermind to help you get out of your own way. and establish steps and a plan of action to get you moving towards starting and growing your profitable purpose driven business. This 6 week program includes modules that will help you unlock your potential, maximize your abilities and gain profits.

This program will help you:

  • Develop a WINNING mindset
  •  Determine what’s your purpose and passion and who’s willing to pay for it
  • Develop a business plan: WHY, WHO, WHAT, and HOW
  • Produce a product that sells
  • Understand the importance of branding
  •  Connect your “why” to your brand values
  • Develop your brand’s personality
  • How to choose the right website- Etsy vs Shopify vs WordPress
  • Develop a marketing strategy: FREE vs PAID
  •  How to create a money making Facebook Ad
  •  How to use Facebook for business growth
  • How to overcome common issues that come along with entrepreneurship
  • Goal Setting, Accountability, Time Management
  •  How to create a balance between life and work and ways to stay focused and motivated
  • How to develop multiple streams of income from your purpose and passion

What You’ll Get:

  • 12 weeks together where my team and I will guide you through the modules with consistent support and accountability
  •  Modules where you’ll learn the weekly topic and how to apply it to your business for BIG results
  • Workbook/Planner to ensure that you’re applying the content and making it work for you and your business
  •  Weekly Group coaching and support calls with myself and other Launching Lab coaches
    (branding coach, sales/marketing coach, life and business coach) to get direct feedback, answers to questions and the chance to connect with other individuals in the training.
  • Private Facebook community
  • Office hours where you can submit your questions to me and my team for feedback and additional support
Sis, it’s time to get out of your own way. How many more times are you going to sit back and watch people do what you’re called to do because you keep taking detours, passing on opportunities like this, or getting distracted?
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